NRNA:एनसीसी अमेरिकाको चुनावको निष्पक्षता माथि प्रश्न गर्दै अध्यक्षका उम्मेद्वार सुर्य लम्साल टिमल दियो संयुक्त बक्तब्य


by Krishna KC | Updated: 15 May 2019

Surya Lamsal

कृष्ण के सी/अमेरिका/५/१५/१९

गैरआवासीय नेपाली संघ राष्ट्रिय समन्वय परिषद (NRNA NCC) अमेरिकाको २०१९ निर्वाचनमा अध्यक्षका उम्मेदवार सुर्य लम्साल र उनका टिममा रहेका उम्मेद्वारहरुले संयुक्त बक्तब्य निकालेका छन्।

मे १५, २०१९ का दिन प्रेसित बक्तब्यमा आसन्न निर्वाचनको पारदर्शिता, सदस्यहरुको गोपनियता र सूचनाको छरपष्ट, अर्का अध्यक्षका उम्मेद्वार सुनिल साहको कन्फ्लिक्ट अफ इन्ट्रेस्ट लगायत बिषयमा एनसीसी र निर्वाचन आयोग समेतले ध्यान नदिएको कुरा बक्तब्यमा उल्लेख गरिएको छ।

बक्तब्यको पूर्णपाठ:

Memorandum: May 15, 2019

Dear members of NRNA USA, Media and Community Activists,

As official candidates of NRNA NCC USA’s upcoming election for the term 2019-2021, some of us reported several emergent issues to the current board and Election Commission of NRNA NCC USA in past few weeks. Those issues were very serious in nature to impact the fairness of the election and we were duly waiting for their responses with corrective action. Unfortunately, neither of the board nor the Election Commission of NRNA NCC USA communicated directly with us or has provided any valid responses to our concerns. In addition, we have received more issues and now have gathered them in the list below:

1. Current (2017/19) Senior Vice President of NRNA NCC USA who is also a candidate of President in the upcoming election may have been in violation of the Code of Conduct and is in conflict of interest with ethical issues to award contract of developing website and managing voting member’s registration through a company he is familiar and shares resources with. Besides other technical consequences of this action, he and his associates are getting comparatively more privilege of information than other participating competitors in this election.

2. The Membership Verification Committee and Membership Supervisory Committee were deactivated or dissolved a few weeks ahead of delivering the voter’s information to the Election Committee. We’re uncertain that the voter’s data were safe, secure and uninfluenced during that “black” period, the period between the data delivered to the Election Committee and the data verified and approved by the valid Membership Verification and Supervisory Committees.

3. It is apparent that the voter’s personal information has been disclosed to public. This is a very serious issue with severe consequences. For this election, the candidates who acquired personal information will receive more privilege and benefit than the others who didn’t. This is not only unethical but also violates bylaws and election’s code of conduct and undermines fair and free election.

4. It appears from Americas Regional Coordinator’s recent media communications that NRNA International Coordination Council (NRNA ICC) is not accepting the results of this election unless the voter’s information is independently re-verified. It is very important for us that the NCC cooperates with ICC to have a fair election and preserve the value of this global Nepali organization.

In this context, we request current board and Election Commission of NRNA NCC USA begin investigation of voter’s personal information breach and other concerns listed above as directed by the NRNA ICC and as soon as possible. The election process shall continue only when NRNA NCC USA agrees the terms and conditions set forth by NRNA ICC.

We will cooperate with the board and election commission with any matter that helps investigation towards a free and fair election as directed by the guidelines and bylaws of NRNA NCC USA and NRNA ICC.

Thank you.


1. Surya (Sal) Lamsal, Candidate for President, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

2. Amrit Sapkota, Candidate for Senior Vice President, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

3. Mahesh Malla, Candidate for Regional Vice President (North East), NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

4. Thala Raj Panta, Candidate for Regional Vice President (South), NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

5. Anjan Kumar Chaulagai, Candidate for General Secretary, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

6. Bhanu Kharel, Candidate for Secretary, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

7. Rabin Bajracharya, Candidate for Treasurer, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

8. Anil Pandey, Candidate for Board of Director, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

9. Amar Chhantyal, Candidate for Board of Director, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019

10. Anup Khanal, Candidate for Board of Director, NRNA NCC USA Election 2019