Health Fair successfully hosted-Society of American Nepalese Nurses


by Krishna KC | Updated: 19 Jun 2019

-Health Fair 2019, Society of American Nepalese Nurses

Press Release, June 16, 2019

The Society of American Nepalese Nurses (SANN) successfully hosted their 2019 health fair in Fairfax, Virginia on Saturday, June 16, 2019.

Our chief guest Honorary Consular General of Nepal, Mr. Prem Raja Mahat, awarded certificates to all the volunteers and sponsors. Our sincere thanks to him for his time during the fair.

The health fair had many booths such as blood checks for the lipid panel and fasting blood sugar, ABI checks by Dr. Jayesh Dayal; patients check-up by Dr. Guna Raj Subedi, Dr. Judy Frederikson, Dr. Rajesh Subedi, Dr. Narayan Dharel, Dr. Ankit Pokhrel and Dr. Merina Pokhrel; free dental evaluation by Dr. Vivek Vij and Dr. Kriti Khanal; nutritional/pharmacy/fitness education by Dr. Sargam Mahat; mental health awareness by Dr. Madan Uprety and Mr. Mark Gorkin. Lipid panel test and fasting blood sugar tests were done for more than 110 individuals.

Additionally, there were booths for colon cancer screening kits for those who are 50 to 75 years old and CPR awareness, Fresenius Kidney care, and first aid awareness. There was also a blood donation drive where 48 donors donated blood and 10 could not donate due to unavailable space.

There was meditation organized by Swami Subarna and chair yoga by the Happiness Yoga team that were highly appreciated by everyone. Altogether, more than 500 people participated during the health fair and benefited from health professionals. There were health and educational booths from VA Home Aid, Uplift A Child International, and American Public University System who recently began collaborating with SANN.

SANN would like to express our thanks from the bottom of our heart to all blood donors, doctors and other health professionals for their services to the community. SANN's volunteer nurses ran the health fair and they are the stars of the health fair. I salute all of them.

Here are those specific tasks they performed beyond their other responsibilities. Blood donation drive by Minerva Fulton and Yukta Regmi; registration table by Sangita Bajgai; volunteer mobilization by Indira Shrestha, Sumitra Aryal and Bimu Risal; CPR/First Aid by Shanta Paudel, Subi Siwakoti, Bandana Luitel, and Rubina Prajapati; drumming circle by Kalpana Satyal; lipid panel blood test and blood sugar by Shova Kharel and Ashok Yadav; colon cancer screening kits by Ranjana Dahal and Laxmi Pandy; vital signs by Radhika Khadka, Bina Mainali, Bina Lama and Jyotsna Pudasaini; fasting blood sugar test by Prativa Bhandari and Sikha Adhikari; and Fresenius Kidney Care by Laxmi Sharma.

We thank all the generous donors with great appreciation. They are: Madan Gupta, Nilima from GTV Network and Ashok Vagi. We got a lot of sponsorship on food from Spice Life restaurant, Curry N Tandoori, Ghar e Kabab, Rajaji, Masala restaurant, Kabindra Sitoula, Doba Dhakal, and many individual-nurses and their families who provided delicious food. Our sincere thanks to all of them.

The media are the main vehicle to carry our message to the community. We express our sincere thanks to DC Nepal,, Sagarmatha TV, ramrosansar hamrosansar (Srijan Tamrakart),, INJA network, NEAJA and all who spread our message in their networks through social media.

Thank you to the nurses who spent countless hours, days and nights for the preparation of the health fair. Our sincere thanks to all of them.


There are many more friends who supported our program in different ways, including being a moderator to food volunteers, decoration, sound system and so on.

We thank to all of them with the greatest appreciation. They are: Dil Shrestha, Yubaraj Dhakal, Chandra Lama, Santosh Koirala, Dadhi Dhungana, Hari Pudasaini, Arun Rupakheti, Madhav Acharya, Basu Satyal, Suman Timsina, Nita Shrestha, Nishes Bhattarai, and Narayan Kharel. There are many motivated youth volunteers who did wonderfully. They are Sami Acharya, Anu Sangraula, Isha Dahal, Anjan Adhikari, Indu Pokhrel, Valentina Ojha, Abhi Gyawali, Bikram Timsina, and Amulya Shrestha.

If I missed mentioning any name or information, please forgive my unintentional error. Together we can make a difference.


Manju Sangraula

President, SANN